As a multimedia artist, I am interested in working with photography and film, mixing digital and analogue processes. I found myself attached to subjects that deal with non-place and immigration, in which I can use long and doble exposure techniques.
I started taking pictures when I was still a kid, because my parents worked shooting weddings, but photography was always just a job for them. I was never taught to be an artist out of photography, equipment was expensive and should be used only for proper work. Many times I hided the camera in my bag and went out to take some pictures with my friends. But still I wasn't creating my own identity in photography. Only after my film school, after finding myself in the middle of a very hierarchical structure in the industry, that I started to look at myself as an art creator. I could see that film and still photography weren't that distant. I could finally understand that I wasn't just a worker, that I also had a gaze and that I needed to find a process that I could identify myself.
I've been living a period in my life of several movings, from cities and countries, and I find myself now coming back to my origins. I lived in 6 different cities, in 3 different countries. I've lost the count of how many placed I called home. Now I am 30 years old. Back to Brazil things start to make sense again, the light touches differently, people look special, home is here and now. I want to dedicate part of my time to find this connection of all the feelings I have had in past years, using memory and recycling pictures and old footage.
still - documentary
still - comercial